Program Overview

Welcome to Sagareus Real Estate's Tenant to HomeOwner Program.

Real estate is the best investment vehicle available to the average person. No other asset class allows you to build wealth as quickly and safely as wise, strategic real estate purchases. That said, I've seen many people get in over their heads, try to do too many things at once, and / or over leverage themselves (aka spend too much on a house).

This program is designed specifically for people who are currently renting, thinking about buying instead, and want to make sure their purchase is a strong financial decision.

I've been criticized in the past for giving too much information and confusing people, I've been told I should keep people in the dark a little more and guide them through their first transaction. I hate this advice, I believe in treating people with respect and I assume you are intelligent enough to comprehend the strategies and concepts outlined in this program.

That said, there is A LOT of information presented here. Because of this, anyone enrolled in the course is assigned an individual Real Estate Advisor from Sagareus Real Estate, if they haven't reached out to you yet, they will soon. This is your primary point of contact, we expect questions, so ask!

Secondly, it's not uncommon to repeat courses or retake the entire course after completing it the first time. Once you get out on the playing field, start making offers and find out what its really like, you may need to repeat a lesson or two. This is how adults learn.

The course starts with Module #1 - Rent vs Buy

Here, we go over when it makes sense to buy instead of rent a primary residence, benefits of owning real estate, and overcoming basic fears and limiting beliefs about real estate ownership.

This section ends with an overview of the 3 strategies I recommend for Owner Occupant Real Estate purchases.

Next, we get into Module #2 - How to Buy like an Investor

This series involves learning basic real estate terms and concepts and how to identify a good deal (so you know the property will go UP in value, not down).

After that, Module #3 outlines the complete Real Estate purchasing process. This includes hiring your team, understanding the components of a Purchase and Sale Agreement, contingencies that protect you as the buyer, due diligence and negotiation process, and a detailed description of everything that happens from beginning to end of a real estate transaction.

Finally, I've added a Case Studies of actual clients and / or Sagareus team members who have utilized 1 of the 3 Owner Occupant Strategies with real numbers and outcomes of their deals.

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